Thursday, 22 October 2009

The leader of ther group, he comes up with all the evil plans to keep the group amused and tells them what to do. No one messes with him.

Chris - (stoner)
The boy that always agrees with what Archie says hes always trying his best to fit in but the boys tend to pick on him a bit. Hes always high and trys to get the girls.

Sam - (shadey)
The quiet black boy who is still bad but is more cunning than tho others thanks to his dad, but being cunning dosent always mean that he gets it right all of the time.

Billy - (fat boy)
The fat stupid boy in the group that cant even count to ten, he does everything that the boys tell him to do and end up in troubel the most.

Sweet kind and innocent but has her slight moments of cheekeyness and evilness towards Hell. She constantly trys to help the boys choose good from bad but Hell seems to get the better of them.

Cheeky, always against Heaven and constantly helps the boys get into trouble. He is a consiounse of the boys and is in a continuers fight with Heaven.




- a continuers fight between Heaven and Hell trying to fing good over bad for four young boys - Billy (fat boy), sam (shady), Chris (stoner) and Archie. At them moment the boys are over ruled by Hell and constantly get into trouble with their parents, school and the police, but Heaven trys to get the better of them to end the fight between Heaven and Hell.

To do..

  • Brainstorm your story, settings, possible story lines etc.
  • make charactor profiles of your charactors (draw them and write about them)
  • start drawing out your storybording sequence

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Monday, 5 October 2009

Thursday, 1 October 2009

What am i going to do?

Im going to do an older version of the 'Kids TV animation' for teenagers. Im going to be looking at cartoons like south park and futureama and analysing the way they attract their veiwers. I have chosen teenagers as my target audience because i enjoy watching these sorts of cartoons.

Im focousing on South park for my TV Animation because i really like the way these school children cause trouble, this attracts lots of teenagers because it is funny to them but does not always appeal to adults becasue of the show being so imature. The show is based on a group of four boys;
Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny and we follow the adventures they share in South Park. The town, sometimes described in the show as "a pissant white-bread mountain town", is also home to an assortment of frequent characters such as students, families, school staff, and other residents. The settings on the show include the local elementary school, the bus stop, various neighborhoods, the shops and businesses along the town's main street, and the surrounding snowy landscape, all of which are based on the appearance of similar locations in the town of Fairplay in Colorado
The character Stan is portrayed as the
everyman of the group, as he is described as "a normal, average, American, mixed-up kid". Kyle is the distant Jew among the group, and his drawing in this role is often dealt with mockingly. Stan is modeled after Parker (one of the producers), while Kyle is modeled after Stone (another producer). Stan and Kyle are best friends, and their relationship, which is intended to reflect the real-life friendship between Parker and Stone, is a common topic throughout the series. Cartman is loud, obnoxious, and obese he is often portrayed as an antagonist whose anti-Semitic attitude has resulted in an ever-progressing rivalry with Kyle. Kenny, who comes from a poor family, wears his parka hood so tightly that it covers most of his face and muffles his speech.


Your task is to create the opening title sequence for a new animated childrens TV programme. It may be an educational or entertainment programme and you may use any type of animation. The titles should be an effective and appropriate introduction to the show as well as following conventions of childrens TV.