Thursday, 22 October 2009

The leader of ther group, he comes up with all the evil plans to keep the group amused and tells them what to do. No one messes with him.

Chris - (stoner)
The boy that always agrees with what Archie says hes always trying his best to fit in but the boys tend to pick on him a bit. Hes always high and trys to get the girls.

Sam - (shadey)
The quiet black boy who is still bad but is more cunning than tho others thanks to his dad, but being cunning dosent always mean that he gets it right all of the time.

Billy - (fat boy)
The fat stupid boy in the group that cant even count to ten, he does everything that the boys tell him to do and end up in troubel the most.

Sweet kind and innocent but has her slight moments of cheekeyness and evilness towards Hell. She constantly trys to help the boys choose good from bad but Hell seems to get the better of them.

Cheeky, always against Heaven and constantly helps the boys get into trouble. He is a consiounse of the boys and is in a continuers fight with Heaven.

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